Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Echándole ganas

Wow, two long weeks! Well I'm sorry I have posted anything but a lot of things have been going on! I am longer in the offices as a Secretary! I got transferred one week ago and I am now serving in Ciudad del Carmen! Ehh, I know my P-days are back to Mondays but it's cool.

This week we worked super hard and after a lot of sweating, walking and teaching we were able to have 8 investigators at church! Jose Rodrigo is a 20 year old that was getting taught by the missionaries like 8 months ago. The area got white washed and no one ever went to visit him. 4 days ago we were walking and he just contacted us. He asked us why we stopped visiting him! After staring at him for 5 seconds we told him that we were both new, but that we would love to visit him! We went the next day and he accepted to get baptized the 21st. It was sweet and simple.

Alberto is another 19 year old that just moved from Vera Cruz. His cousin that lives here just got baptized 1 year ago and has been inviting him every Sunday! He has gone 3 Sundays in a row and will also be getting baptized this Saturday! All we have to do is have faith and believe that everything will be alright! I wish I had more time but this hour is too short! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Byeeee

Elder Najera

Monday, April 18, 2016

College Flashbacks, Wisdom Tooth Pulled Out, New President....

Holllaaaaaaa Amigos! Life is gooood! I don't think there is another place I would rather be than serving here in Villahermosa! Every time we are walking and I see some college students it reminds me of how I was once a college student as well lol. It reminds me of my long board and the nice flagstaff weather.... but then I remember about all the homework and long nights and I just start to enjoy my mission again haha.

This week I went to the dentist! I found this sweet fresa place and it's actually really cheap. Dr. Almaed went to work in my mouth and he actually did a sweet job. My face is kinda swollen but it will be better in no time. 

The time is running out for everyone. The time to step up your game is now. This past week I was reading a talk that I found here in the office and it mentioned how the light in us is the knowledge that we decide to gain in our lives. It made me think that maybe I did miss out on a lot of doctrine because I never attended seminary. But guess what #yolo...... Haha jk I came to a conclusion that I will try to memorize a scripture everyday 1-2 days depending on the length. I started this in the beginning of my mission but it was a failure. This week I have memorized 3 so far. I'm starting out with the basics, stuff that probably high schoolers are learning in Seminary, but it’s okay because I still have plenty of time left.

President Morales (our mission president) leaves in 2 months! Usually mission presidents serve for 36 months. President Morales and his wife did a wonderful job and are still finishing strong. Although they will be leaving we will be receiving another special person, President Haws! I'm excited to meet him in July! Alright peeps well I hope you guys have a great week! 

Elder Najera

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Veracruz all day every day

*2 weeks ago*
I woke up at 4 am to catch a bus at 6. We had plans to go do some divisions with some Elders in Coatzacoalcos for 1 day. Since I know that 1 day usually turns out into 3 days I was packed and ready to go. We got there early in the morning and I had the opportunity to work with my Ex Ex Ex companion, Elder Aguirre! It was nice being able to see how we have both improved in our teaching and contacting. His area is a little place called Lomas in Coatza. By the end of the day my shoes were all dusty since their area is LITERALLY all sand/dirt. The next day I went to an area called Allende. 

You have to cross a river to get to that area. You hop on this thing called the Panga and pay 1 peso. Although the ride is only 5 minutes it's always nice! That river connects with the ocean so that area is next to the ocean and can basically glance at it all day! I was working there for a whole day and had the opportunity to find some new people.

*1 week later aka 3 days ago* 
I woke up at 3:35 am to catch another bus so we could make it on time to the Zone class in Minatitlan. I saw my AZ friend and his comp destroy the class. They are sooo cool! I did some divisions for 2 days and I was able to learn so much. We have transfers tomorrow. I have to go because Elder T aka Assistant is pressuring us. 

Alright Peace!
I'm so excited to talk to my family next month!