Monday, November 30, 2015

December & still hot LOL

So we are only 25 days away from Christmas! Woohoo!! It's such a nice holiday and I'm so excited although I'm not gonna be able to be home. So here in Tabasco I'm still in short sleeves sweating every day, but it's okay. I'm enjoying it! 

This week was great! My companion and I worked really hard. Ruben ended up getting baptized and it was such a great day. On Thursday we also had a Zone conference and literally practiced all the lessons for 4 hours. It was actually really fun! We have transfers this Monday coming up, so I might have a new companion next week. I'm sorry, but my time is up. I was too busy at Walmart today so I had less time to write, but hey I love Walmart.

Bye. I hope everyone has a great week.!!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Wow, it's been like 1536437 years since I've updated this! I apologize, but this mission life is not easy lol Well, I'm currently in Pomoca, Tabasco. The best news ever is that we are only 20 minutes from a Walmart!! I went 2 weeks ago and it was a pretty good day! It felt like I was home for a second which was awesome. The second best thing is that a member has a taqueria and he invites us to eat every time we are hungry. That bad thing is that he doesn't have quesadillas, but he has Gringas!!!! Even better, right!!! No no, not those kind of Gringas lol. So, A Gringa here is a tortilla de harina, cheese and carne asada! They are wonderful!! I'm making up for all the other times I didn't eat as well in my last area. Overall, Pomoca is great!

I'm also District Leader here! It just means that I have a District (basically 4 companionships I have to help). The weird thing is that the president’s assistants are in my District so they are helping me out lol it’s a little more stress because I have to prepare a class every week, but it's not too bad. I'm so thankful for the opportunity that is going to help me grow as a person. I am giving it my all!

I have been working hard with my compaƱero, Elder Aguirre! He is from Mexico City and is only 1 transfer (6 weeks) younger than me. We have a baptism for this week and hope for next week as well. We also have transfers in 2 weeks so I'm guessing they are going to move him. He has been here for 4 months already. 

I am enjoying my mission so much. This week we had a conference with President and Sister Morales. They are great motivators and talk to us with the spirit. They really made me thing about my purpose as a missionary. I started changing my teachings so I can help more people. Okay well this is it, I will update you guys next week! Bye
Pomoca Tabasco

Gringas :)