Monday, July 27, 2015

Looong Days, Short Weeks

It´s crazy and I know it might not make sense but sometimes the days seem super long but then I look back and the week goes by quick. I feel like it´s the fact that it´s 172652 degrees outside and because I´m still getting used to some things.
Well what did I do this week? Other than the normal missionary things I went to Villa. Well you know how last week I mentioned that we were going to have the opportunity to sleep in a house with A/C, well I jinxed myself. We left El Triunfo at 3pm on Thursday and it took us 16 hours to get there. A 4 hour ride turned into 16 hours thanks to an accident. We had to sleep in the bus all night lol it was pretty funny. Oh yeah it also felt like I was in the sauna.
We came back and had to take a combi to Candelaria, Campeche for some baptismal interviews. Combi´s are like a little van that has no A/C, used up old shocks, some seats, etc. They only charge us 25 pesos though so it’s cool. I don´t mind standing up for an hour. It´s pretty cool so far. Every day I learn so much.
Something that I´ve noticed here is that the mom’s just breast feed their kid at any time. Like we can be teaching someone and the kid just walks up to her and literally pulls her shirt down right in front of us. It has happened to us maybe like 7 times already. The kids are also like 4 years old. It´s not a baby lol but I don’t know why they do it. I also found out that the famous train ¨ La Bestia¨passes through here. It´s pretty neat to know that lol
Okay well ill be back next week, bye!!

 They want us to baptize but they destroyed out baptismal tub lol

                                                                    Nuestra Iglesia
                                                                      Our Church

Monday, July 20, 2015

My 3rd Baptism!

So this week we didn´t do much because we had to travel, like usual. That´s the only bad thing about having my companion as the district leader and being far away in a little town. I guess I´ll get used to it. We have to travel to Villahermosa this Wednesday to sign some papers.
This past Thursday we baptized 3 people, and not trying to brag or anything but one of them is 107 years old lol. She is soo strong she has all kindzz of gainzzz. She has the strongest handshake so I came to a conclusion that she used to work out. She eats 6 tortillas a day and puts on make-up by herself lol she’s soo cool. So idk why she used to say crazy things about Lucifer because now she always talks about God. I'm guessing she repented from all her sins.
Since it´s so rare to see someone that is 107 years old get baptized they asked us to send a life biography to our mission president. He is going to send it to Utah because they want to put it on the Liahona or in English Enzyme, I believe that´s what it´s called. I wish I could post pics but I guess we should thank this government from Tabasco for not providing high speed internet lol
Well I’ll be back next week. Byeee