Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Agua Azul

Mmmmm to start off I´ll like to apologize for not posting a new blog yesterday. El Triunfo was having internet problems all day. It sucked because that´s the one thing I look forward to every Monday lol oh well. Well on Saturday we had a zone conference with Presidente Morales and after that he took us to the "Agua Azul" waterfalls in Chiapas. They were actually really nice! It was nice to get out of El Triunfo. To be honest we travel soooo much every week. It´s starting to get annoying because we have to pay and we end up having to spent the night with other elders in other places.

Next Monday we have to go back to Villa because I have to sign some papers for my green card. I guess I should stop complaining because I do take some good naps on the way there. Not as good as my original bed back home but close enough. Those TRT buses also have A/C which is even better!

Tomorrow the Zone Leaders are going to come because they are going to interview this 107 year old crazy lady. She is sooo strong but she says it's thanks to her father. Two days ago she told me her father is Lucifer. It's pretty crazy. She´s also killed people in the past and did all these things so idk if she can get baptized. I’ll try to keep you guys informed, but I have to go. I´m sorry for not really posting pics. I have a lot but the internet doesn´t upload them.
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