Monday, October 12, 2015

4 Months In "El Triunfo”

So I have officially been here in el Triunfo for more than 100 days. Please people take a moment and think about how I must feel walking in a place 1/4 the size of flagstaff EVERYDAY!! Haha yeah it's starting to feel like a routine. The good news is that we have transfers in 2 weeks! The bad news is that no one knows if I'm going to stay or leave. We will have to see in 2 weeks, so stay tuned! Lol 

I'm also sorry for not posting weekly, but tbh this blog life is not easy. Sometimes not a lot of interesting things happen so there isn't much to write about haha. I promise I will try my best to post every week. So another thing that hasn't changed since I got here, other than not being able to take naps :( is the weather. It feels as hot as it did in June. They say that it should start getting better by December.

These past 4 weeks I actually enjoyed being with Elder Velazquez. We get to talk English every day, all day, well except whenever we are walking by some people. We don't want them to think that we might be talking about them. He's a cool dude, I mean Elder haha. Well Idk what else to say. I hope you guys have a great week. Bye

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