Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So Close!

Wow these past two weeks have been awesome. I just have to warn you guys that this blog will be mixed with things I have done in the last two weeks! Last week I didn't have much time to write so I will try to make it up!

Wednesday and Thursday from last week I had the opportunity to work with one of the assistants, Elder Johnson! He is a funny and chill person to be with but don't get me wrong, he is a beast at teaching. During those two days I had the opportunity to learn a lot from him. He taught me how we are here to teach the Restoration, so our purpose as missionaries is to get to that point as soon as possible. Sometimes, we complicate our teaching so much! We want to teach everything else except the Restoration. That day was a blast and everything I learned I started to apply ASAP. The rest of that week I did other things but for some reason I forgot lol Ooops!

So on Wednesday this week I had the opportunity to travel to Palenque! There was a special conference because a Doctor came to give us some tips on how to be healthier. In these past 10 months I have only been sick once but for less than a day. Usually at home whenever I would get sick it would take me around three days to get better (that's including taking Mexican Medicine aka the best). I can honestly say that whenever we come out and serve with all our heart, might, mind and strength, god will watch over us. If we are obedient we will see the blessings and it's amazing. That's the same in our lives. If we are obedient and follow the commandments we will see the blessings. It's not easy, but it's worth it. On Thursday after the conference I went to Tenosique to go work with Elder Urbano and Elder Gale. It was a fun time to be with some amazing Elders. They have been working super hard and they will be baptizing today. In Tenosique they live with two others, Elder Jenkins and Elder Carneiro. Elder Jenkins is from Utah and I met him like six months ago. I met him when I first was transferred here in Villahermosa. Elder Carneiro is the first Elder from Brazil to be serving in the mission. I actually took pictures this time but not with my camera Lol #Ihatemylife. They will be sending me the pics soon (hopefully). 

Yesterday night we went back to Palenque to help out the sisters with an interview. We were so close...... SO close to staying there today to go to the ruins but we had a baptism. That's right, you read it right! Today Maggie and Alejandro were baptized! It was sweet because just last week they didn't want to do it. They felt like they weren't ready although they were feeding us every week lol they also would never miss a Sunday from going to church, but I'm so glad they finally were baptized. Since we baptized we are going to celebrate with a Torta from Tortas Del Barrio! 

Okay that is it for today! I hope everyone has a great week! Peace!

Elder Najera

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