Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 1 at the MTC: #Longestweekever

Wow, it has barely been one week since. It feels like I've been here for over a month. The days are sooo long, but it has been one of the best weeks of my life. The MTC is something that I can't really describe. It something that you would have to feel for yourself. You're probably wondering what I mean by feel? Well it's just a special feeling that can't really be described. Everyone is here for the same reason(I hope). You meet missionaries that are going all around the world. I usually look at their name tags first because it's cool whenever it's in another language lol. Whenever we eat we are usually with our districts so it's like little groups everywhere according to their language, #mormon gangs haha jk no gangs here. I'm actually in a trio which is awesome, but also has its downside. I guess it's easier because their is always 3 opinions whenever we are teaching, but also sucks because it takes longer to get to places. I never thought being with 2 people 24 hours a day could be hard. It's kind of hard but I'm getting used to it.

One of my companions is really slow. He's slow at reacting, talking, walking, etc. Something that I have been having to work with is patience. He is really testing me and I guess that is my weakness. My companions overall are cool. Elder Rambal is going to Saltillo Mexico and Elder Luna is going to El Salvador. We all teach completely different, but it's okay. My district is pretty big, well compared to the rest. Their are 5 Elders and 6 hermanas. Elder Todd and Elder Arrellano are going to Cuidad de Mexico, 2 hermanas are going to cuernavaca,1 to tijuana, 1 to cuidad de Mexico, 1 to Saltillo Mexico and the last one to Hermosillo. Sorry I don't know their last names. I guess I can't be perfect in everything haha jk. I leave next Monday and tbh I dont want to leave yet. The MTC is actually not that bad.

This week I taught 3 investigators and one of them was actually pretty hard. He is an atheist and was asking many weird questions. I guess it just means I have to study more. Although the MTC is really fun, it's also really hard. We have to be somewhere every minute through out the day. Since 7 am all the way until 9:30 pm. I just want to take a nap!!!! I guess I will in 2 years, which it's okay. I don't really know what else to say. I had so many things in mind but now I forgot since I don't have that much time. Thanks to everyone that wrote me.

Overall, I'm really happy that I made this choice. A mission is really one of the best experiences I will ever have. In these past 5 days I have learned so much so now imagine in 2 years! Oh yeah if you were wondering if I'm making gainzz here welll I'm not lol I dont have that much time to work out but hopefully I will once I go to Villahermosa. Okay, Bye!!

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                                     My companions. Me, Elder Luna and Elder Rambal

                                    Elder Todd, Elder Arrellano, Elder Luna, Elder Rambal

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