Monday, June 29, 2015

Longest week of my life

Well I officially finished my first week and it was hard. I missed my flight on my way to Villahermosa so I had to spend the night at the temple in Mexico City. The next morning I finally landed in Villa and we had this conference for all the new missionaries. Not to mention that carrying 3 suit cases was soooo hard especially in dirt rodes. It was definitely harder than benching the 100s dumbbells. It felt like I did cross fit with a full marathon. I got my trainer and my area that same day. Elder Gonzalez and I are in El Triunfo which is like 5 hours from Villa. Its a small town and people here live different. Its something that I thought you only saw in movies. I am blessed to be able to be here and experience this because its helping me understand and appreciate life more. The next day we woke up and started working. Its sooo hard even talking to people. I already know Spanish but just to start a conversation about our religion is hard. Nothing like the MTC and my district. I miss them and the united states sooo bad. This week was seriously the hardest week of my life. Harder than Micro Biology and Psychology together. It was horrible. I need to get used to it quick!!!
A wonderful thing that happened this Saturday was that I got to baptize a kid. It was the best experience ever. Being a missionary is harder than I thought. I have huge blisters on my toes and I think I've been close to crying this week. All the stress is catching on to me. Everyone says that the first weeks are hard so I can only hope to survive. <i wont give up!!!
Well I have so many things to say but not enough time. Everyone appreciate your cold AC in your house. I am dying over here. Well i have to go and <I'm sorry i cant post pics. <these ghetto computers don't let me upload.

En Espanol

                                   We just received this picture from his mission president.
                                      Hoy recibimos esta foto de su presidente de la mision 

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