Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life in El Triunfo

Well I guess life here is pretty good. It´s nice and peaceful Lol At first I thought it was too small but now every time we go to a big city I actually want to be back to our original area. My training is 12 weeks and it ends in exactly 4 weeks, so there is a possibility that I could get switched. I really doubt it though because my companion leaves back home in 4 weeks and it´s weird whenever they white wash a place. We will see what happens.
This week we met two ladies that most likely are going to get baptized. Matilde is 75 years old and her mom Lucresia who is 110 years old!!!!!!! lol They have both never been baptized. The day we met Lucresia she said she was sick and felt really bad so she asked for a blessing. As we were giving her a blessing she passed out. We thought she died for a second but she was alright. #Crazyexperience
Another crazy story is that my mission president’s parents are serving a mission here haha it’s sooo crazy. They got here last week and will be helping all around with the family history. My mission president said that whenever his parents opened their mission call they were on Skype and they saw ¨Mexico Villahermosa Mission¨ His mom instantly started to cry. That´s truly a blessing!
So I have to go but I don´t think I will be updating next week because I will be traveling to Vera Cruz to see Elder Christofferson. Bye

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  1. I just read all your posts, they're hilarious! Looking forward to reading your next one. You're not missing much over here other than the 119 degree weather. Seriously. When you get back we can go eat unas ricas tortas de lengua con una agua de Jamaica o horchata