Monday, August 31, 2015

2 weeks left until transfers!

Wow! I can´t believe it! In two weeks from now I will be with a new companion. It´s crazy to think that after being with Elder Gonzalez for 3 months he will be leaving home. While he´s finishing his mission, I´m barely starting. Time does fly by. I still remember June 10th like if it was yesterday. The nerves I had to enter the MTC and now the nerves to getting a new companion. You might be wondering why I´m nervous? Well it means that I have to stay here and show my new companion the area. There is also a possibility that I could train, which would be awesome, but of course more stress. It´s okay because it´s the only way that will help me grow spiritually. The second reason I´m nervous is because I don´t want a companion that is disobedient. I know our heavenly father has a plan for everyone and he will put me with whoever I need to be with.
Last Monday we left to Coatza, Vera Cruz to see a very special person, Elder Christofferson!! It was really cool! It was different because he didn´t really talk, he just answered questions. I got to shake his hand lol. We also had the opportunity to work in Vera Cruz with some leaders from the ward. Vera Cruz is pretty nice! Hopefully I can go there in the future.
On Thursday we had to go to Candelaria for an interview and I had the opportunity to try Iguana. It was sooo good!!! People over here eat so many strange things, but I guess that´s how they survive. I guess that´s it that happened this week.
Thanks for everyone that has been writing me! It means a lot!! Oh yeah and shout out to Cesar for sending me a package. You da real MVP! Bye

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