Monday, September 14, 2015

It's the day!

Well today is the day I get a new companion :0 I have no idea who it is, all I know is that he gets here a 2pm. I'm currently in Emiliano Zapata and I'm using some alright computers. So maybe it will upload my pics lol. Many elders are leaving my district so it's going to be pretty weird and cool. 

This week was somewhat boring. All I did this week was see my companion get ready to leave home. We didn't do much because he didn't want to. That's the worst feeling ever haha knowing that he is home already while I still have 21 month left. Just kidding! Time is actually going by fast! 

Well I have to go..... Wish me good luck with my new compaƱero.... bye

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Elder George and I
It's crazy because I used to read his blogs from a long time ago, but who would have thought I was going to meet him. He leaves in a month and yes he inspired me to also start my blog lol 
                                                          Me and Elder Davis 
                                           Me and Elder Gonzales before he left home

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