Monday, September 28, 2015

“Gooooood Afternooon to the best family on my blog”-FouseyTube

Yeah as you can see I kind of miss YouTube lol but it's alright. It feels good knowing that I can actually survive without a phone and social media. Talking about phones, I actually get to carry one. Since I became senior companion they gave me this old rusty 1820 Nokia Phone. It's nice because I get to talk to the members from our branch haha jk its kind of useless lol.
This week was fun. Although most of our appointments fell through, we were able to find 5 new investigators. They look like they really want to change their lives so that's a good sign. Throughout this week I asked myself why so many appointments would fall? I'm 100% obedient so why aren't we having success? I realized that I shouldn't stress out because this is the Lords mission. I'm serving his mission so he has everything planned out. Success isn't measured by how many lessons we taught! This week I was thinking a lot about this and I took this more about a life lesson. It taught me that no matter how hard you work, sometimes it´s not going to turn out how you expect it. It also doesn't mean that you should just give up. We will continue to work because I know the lord is preparing his children. I am learning a lot so by the time I am transferred to another area I will be a beast lol!

We walked alooooot this week! Although "El Triunfo" is small, it can feel huge if you walk the same streets over and over and over again for 9 hours every day.
It's nice having a companion that knows English. I get to talk in English and Spanish all day. We can also talk about how we miss Walmart and target lol. Yeah, our area is so small we only have a "Monterrey". It's basically 1/3 the size of a dollar tree. It´s cool though, it´s actually fun shopping in Mexico. Well I hope you guys have an awesome week. You know, will be out here putting in work like always. I´ll talk to you guys later!

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