Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year to everyone!

It's crazy to think that my sister got married while I'm on my mission! Wow wow wow but it's okay because my cardboard replica was there ! I just hope she gets what she deserves, nothing else. This week I had a lot of time to reflect on all the things that I have done this past year. I just can't believe it that exactly a year ago I was getting ready to start my second semester at NAU and exactly one year later I'm out here in Tabasco. It's okay because in a year and a half I will be at BYU! Yessssssssss, I was accepted about 2 months ago for the people that didn't know!!!!!!!!!! #BYUProvo 

I couldn't be happier being here. After 7 months of being a full time missionary I have learned a lot. It has been hard, but not impossible. Everyday I learn so much that is going to help me later in my life! I have also learned that there will be hard times, no matter what you are doing, but if you are focus and obedient everything will turn out right! I was also able to think about how grateful I am for having such a nice caring family that support me with anything. I am grateful for all the things that I have, thanks to them. Throughout this time I had to think, I also came to a conclusion that I have to keep improving in everything that I do. Right now I am currently in a Trio with the secretaries. After being with the assistants for 3 weeks we were able to baptize! It was a great time being with them. I can tell you I have learned some things from them that will help me here. 

Now, I'm going to be moving in to another house, which is alright because it's literally 5 houses down. I still don't know who my official companion is going to be. That also means I will be switching to another ward. I know everything will turn out great!

Thanks everyone for writing me!" For those of you that haven't wrote me it's okay I forgive you guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I will talk to you guys later !

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