Monday, February 15, 2016

Blog: 8

Wow to start off I just wanted to thank everyone who still continues to write me after 8 months! I am blessed to be a missionary and #Imlovinit! I continue to learn so many thing every day! Of course I still miss my family and things I had back home, but 2 years is nothing compared to what Christ had to go through when he was here. 
I'm sorry I didn't write last week........ And maybe the week before that as well. This blogging life isn't easy! 
Mmmmm what did I do this week? I had the opportunity to go with President to Zapata. We were there for 6 hours but it's always fun being with him. We always have a little study session on the way there so it's always a learning experience.
On Friday 3 zones came to the temple so we were able to help with that! Man  I don't think I did anything thing else! I'm sorry to all my readers, sometimes life isn't perfect. Have a great week everyone!

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